EIP Rank

10.00 USD

EIP Rank Perks:

With this rank, you get access to the command /fly, but you can only use it in the hub. (Using fly in KitPvp and Survival would be too powerful).
You will have a prefix that looks something like this: [
(NOTE: If you buy this rank, you also get the Berserk kit, (Check out this kit in the VIP rank)

You also get the God kit, consisting of :
Diamond sword with sharpness 4.
Bow with Power 3, Punch 2, and Infinity.
Iron Helmet with Protection 2.
Diamond Chestplate with Protection 1.
Iron Leggings with Protection 2.
Diamond Boots with Protection 1.
16 Golden Apples.

1 Enchanted Golden Apple.
1 arrow.